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Operation Overlord - Bayeux

This Operation Overlord tour will of course let you explore all the Operation Overlord and D-Day highlights the region of Normandy is famous for. But it will also show you that Normandy has more to offer! And we are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by the city of Bayeux with all its facilities and lovely atmosphere. A perfect central point of our tour here and in total a very good way to spend some nice time in Normandy.

Operation Overlord ride 1

  • Omaha Beach
  • St Mère Église
  • Balleroy
Distance: 160 km (100 miles)
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Ride 1 of the Operation Overlord tour will take you to some Operation Overlord related highlights that you do not want to miss: one of the largest cemeteries you can visit and an area where heavy fighting took place on D-Day. Our lunch stop is in a city that was one of the first cities to be liberated on D-Day, with a special commemoration. With some more nice riding through the lovely landscape of Normandy we will show you that Normandy has some non WW II pretty sights. With 160 km / 100 miles a good mix of some nice riding and sightseeing. This ride will give you a good first sight of Normandy.

Operation Overlord ride 2

  • Chateau Canon
  • Route du Cidre
  • Arromanches
Distance: 190 km (118 miles)
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In ride 2 of the Operation Overlord we are going to start with some other sights of Normandy and some lovely riding on small winding roads through pretty villages. But this being the Operation Overlord tour we will also bring you to two more Operation Overlord highlights that, if you are interested in this part of history, also should go and check out. The first one being the place where the first house in occupied France was liberated in the early morning of 6 June 1944. The second one where the allied forces had built an impressive artificial port that played an important role in the operation after D-Day. And this all in a combination with 190 km / 118 miles of nice motorcycle riding!

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