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About us

Hi, we are Johan and Muriel and we share the passion of riding our motorbikes and roadtripping all over Europe. Since 2001 we have been travelling on our bikes through Europe and we have seen a lot of beautiful places and ridden a lot of very nice roads! We would like to introduce ourselves in a video.

Our mission

In 2021 we have added a mission to our passion: to share the fun of roadtripping with as many other bikers as possible! And therefor we – finally – came up with this idea to utilize our experience so that we can help more bikers than just friends and club members to enjoy travelling through Europe!

With Quazy Rides you can plan your own customised roadtrip by choosing the tours, rides and connecting routes to your liking and in the order of your choice. With all the information you will receive, you can decide which accommodation suits you best and what you want to be doing during your roadtrip, other than enjoying the bike rides of course. With the Quazy Rides planning tool planning your roadtrip will never be the same.

Plan your own Europe roadtrip in just a few clicks!

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Why would you want to use the Quazy Rides planning tool?

We want to tell you why we think you would want to be using the Quazy Rides planning tool in this video.

How to use the Quazy Rides planning tool?

If you want to learn quickly how to use the Quazy Rides planning tool, you can start by watching this video, but we will have more video’s that might help on the How-to videos page.

Questions or suggestions?

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know via our contact form or send us an e-mail on info@quazyrides.com.

FREE rides

You can choose to do 1, 2 or (if available) 3 rides of a tour. You can add all rides to your account for FREE.

Quazy Rides roadtrip contents

GPX file

GPX/ITN files (a route, total track and tracks per part for GARMIN, TomTOM and BoomBox) of all the rides and connecting routes.


Informative videos of the central points and highlighted accommodation of our tours and of the rides.


E-books of the tours, including recommended accommodation, and the rides.


Several checklists to prepare your motorcycle holiday.

”How to” video

Different “How to” videos to help you on your way.