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Delicious Dordogne - Sarlat

In this Delicious Dordogne tour you will be able to explore the green hills of the Dordogne valley, with beautiful views on the river and the castles that this region is famous for. And as the lovely city of Sarlat has all the facilities you would want during your holiday, a perfect central point for this tour and enjoy some nice riding in France.

Delicious Dordogne ride 1

  • Monpazier
  • Les Eyzies
  • Marquessac
Distance: 205 km (125 miles)
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With ride 1 in the Delicious Dordogne tour we will have 205 km / 125 miles of very nice riding to do, following the most winding roads in the region of the Dordogne. Of course we have some stops planned with views on the river and a few of the Chateau’s that this area of France is famous for. With another stop in a village that is labelled as one of the most beautiful village of France, a perfect ride to explore this part of the Dordogne region, West of Sarlat.

Delicious Dordogne ride 2

  • Rocamadour
  • Domme
Distance: 180 km (110 miles)
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Also East of Sarlat there is a lot of nice riding to do, so that is where we are taking you in ride 2 of the Delicious Dordogne tour. And we are going to bring you to a view that stuck with us ever since we saw it years ago! This all combined with nice places to have a drink, lunch or even a lovely ice cream and therefore a perfect ride in this area.

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