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Riding the Rioja - Haro

The Rioja is a famous Spanish red wine and therefore the Rioja region is filled with vineyards on the hills. The region is surrounded by mountains protecting the region from the cold wind and rain from the sea and therefore has a hot and dry climate. So a perfect region to explore in a motorcycle tour! The 2 rides will be exploring the Rioja Baja, Alavesa ánd Alta, the beautiful landscape the river Ebro formed here and some amazingly well preserved beautiful old towns. And the city of Haro, the unofficial capital of the Rioja, is a very pleasant town and therefore a good place to stay.

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Recommended hotels:

Riding the Rioja ride 1

  • Balcon de Rioja
  • Villañañe
  • Frias
Distance: 210 km (130 miles)
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In ride 1 of Riding the Rioja tour you are gonna go North and North West of Haro into the Rioja Alavesa and Rioja Alta and you will be getting some very nice views on the Rioja vineyards! Of course there are some nice stops planned in this ride to soak in the views, drinks, food and just a little bit of sightseeing. One stop is in the proclaimed one of the 3 most beautiful towns in the whole of Spain! Coming back to Haro the ride will be following the Rio Ebro through the Parc Natural Montes Obarenes. The total ride is 210 km / 130 miles and will really give you an amazing day in the Rioja.

Riding the Rioja ride 2

  • Monasterio de Valvanera
  • Iregua valley
  • Laguardia
Distance: 200 km (125 miles)
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Ride 2 of the Riding the Rioja tour is going South of Haro for 200 km / 125 miles. So with the 2 rides you will explore the whole of the Rioja region. And although the ride does leave the official Rioja region at the end to go into the Basque country, we’re not leaving the Rioja area. You will be surrounded by vineyards and we have planned a nice last stop in the capital of the Rioja Alavesa! The ride cruises some nice mountainous areas, so a proper motorcycle ride to explore this part of the Rioja.

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