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Mighty Dolomites - Bressanone

You all most probably have seen some images of the Dolomites with its typical steep rock faces and peaks that are created by erosion and weathering. A beautiful sight! Did you know that about 16 mountains in the Dolomites reach the 3,000-metre mark, which is a bit over 9.800 ft. and its highest peak, the Marmolada, is 3343 metres / 10.967 ft. In 2009 the Dolomites were added to UNESCO's World Heritage List in its entirity! So we can rightly call them the MIGHTY Dolomites. With Bressanone as its central point this is an amazing motorcycle tour in the North Western part of the Dolomites with 2 rides to conquering those MIGHTY peaks. We even had one of the most enjoyable day rides we have done....ever! So, are the Mighty Dolomites on your bike-it list already?

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Recommended hotels:

Mighty Dolomites ride 1

  • Passo delle Erbe, Campolongo, Pordoi and Sella
  • Ortisei
  • Longomoso
Distance: 210 km (130 miles)
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The Passo delle Erbe, Passo Campolongo, Passo Pordoi ánd the Passo Sella. All in this ride 1 of the Mighty Dolomites tour. No wonder we felt like doing one of the BEST RIDES EVER! The riding is amazing, the views on those typical steep peaks fantastic. And to top it of we have some great stops for a nice coffee, lunch ánd a last drink with another surprisingly beautiful view. This ride has it al! When can we go again?

Mighty Dolomites ride 2

  • Bolzano
  • Passo Palade
  • Passo di Monte Giovo - Jaufenpass
Distance: 220 km (135 miles)
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This ride is going West of Bressanone and will be leaving the official Dolomite area. But we knew from experience that there is a lot of nice riding to do in that area as well, offering some pretty nice views on the peaks of the Mighty Dolomites from a bit of a distance. And with doing the Passo Palade and Passo di Monte Giovo, better know as the Jaufenpass, it is still an amazing mountain ride in the North of Italy!

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