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Medieval Morvan - Avallon

WOW WOW WOW! Wow is actually the only word we can think of when we think of the 3 rides that we have in the Morvan It really felt like we found a hidden gem! The Morvan, also called the green lungs of the Bourgogne, is a natural park with mountains, hills, forests, lakes and rivers.......and a lot of very nice twisting roads to discover it all with a beautiful motorcycle tour. And with good stops for drinks, food and a bit of sigthseeing if you want in very enjoyable medieval towns - one even more pretty than the other - we had an AMAZING time with our Medieval Morvan tour. And pssssst. let me tell you a little secret. Ride 3 was our absolute favourite!

When you add 1 or more rides of this Medieval Morvan to your account, you will get access to our information on Avallon in your account. The e-book holds a list of recommended accommodation – all with suitable parking for your bike - and in the video we show you our favourite ones so you can quickly chose your accommodation and 5 things to do in Avallon. If you want to support us to keep supporting you, we do ask you to book the accommodation via the links that we provide as an affiliate of Booking.com here and in the e-book.

Recommended hotels:

Medieval Morvan ride 1

  • Lormes
  • Saulieu
  • Semur-en-Auxois
Distance: 220 km (135 miles)
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With ride 1 of this Medieval Morvan tour we’re gonna go South to dive straight into the Morvan, the green lungs of the Bourgogne area. On the map the roads look like amazing bike roads. This with 3 very nice stops to enjoy a coffee, some food, the views and the medieval cities in the Morvan does make it a perfect ride for a motorcycle tour.

Medieval Morvan ride 2

  • Chablis
  • Auxerre
Distance: 165 km (100 miles)
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To be honest, this ride 2 of our Medieval Morvan tour is not actually taking you into the true Morvan. No, this ride 2 will take you North of Avallon into the Yonne department or the area what is called the Basse Bourgougne, the low Bourgogne. And believe us: also super for a nice motorcycle ride! And we will stop in two beautiful medieval cities! A lovely way to have a bit of variety in your motorcycle tour. And as it is a bit shorter ride, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the stops.

Medieval Morvan ride 3

  • Saut de Gouloux
  • Chateau Chinon
  • Vezelay
Distance: 215 km (133 miles)
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As there were still so many roads to discover in the Morvan area, we added a 3d ride to this Medieval Morvan tour. And man are we glad we did. WOW! This ride will take you South of Avallon into the Morvan again, going as South as we can get in this 1 day ride. With this ride you really get to enjoy touring through the mountains, hills and forests of the Morvan hitting some of the lakes and rivers too giving us some beautiful views. And with 3 stops a perfect motorcycle ride. We rated this ride with a 10 out of 10. A-MA-ZING!

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