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Kingdom of Navarre - Pamplona

Pamplona was the capital of the Kingdom of Navarre and is situated in a beautiful area in the Basque country. You will find the Pyrenees in the North and the Rioja area in the South. And thus a perfect central point for the Kingdom of Navarre tour. It is a lovely city where you will definitely be able to spend some nice time on one – or more – of the beautiful terraces and soak in its history.

Kingdom of Navarre ride 1

  • Lumbier
  • Valle de Roncal
  • Roncesvalles
Distance: 200 km (125 miles)
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Ride 1 of this Kingdom of Navarre tour is a true Pyrenees mountain ride. The ride contains 200 km / 125 miles of lovely winding mountains roads. We will pass a few true mountain passes, cruise through gorges and over some hilly plains. Combined with perfect stops for coffee, lunch, stunning views and some sightseeing a true quality roadtrip beyond crazy.

Kingdom of Navarre ride 2

  • Sierra de Urbasa
  • Estella
Distance: 175 km (108 miles)
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Ride 2 of the Kingdom of Navarre tour is a bit shorter with 175 km / 108 miles, but it is FILLED with nice curves! The ride will take you to the Sierra de Urbasa, the precursors of the Spanish Pyrenees. We added a stop in a lovely valley where you can get some drinks or food ánd do some sightseeing. We will cross the Camino and added a quick fun stop at this pilgrimage place. Another very nice ride in a beautiful area.

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