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German Alps - Füssen

Füssen is located in south-west Bavaria in the foothills of the Alps surrounded by mountains and lakes and therefor PERFECT as the central point for a tour exploring those German Alps! Of course we will be going on the best parts of both the Romantische Strasse, the Romantic Road ending in Füssen, and the Deutsche Alpenstrasse, the German Alpine road passing through Füssen. And all the nice bits in between. Curvy roads with amazing views. Add the perfect stops for views, drinks and food and you will have 2 amazing rides and a very enjoyable motorcycle tour from Füssen in the German Alps. And what about ending your rides at 2 of the WORLD'S most fairytale castle in a stunning environment? You can as the so called Königsschlösser, the Royal castles, are that close to Füssen.

When you add 1 or more rides of this German Alps tour to your account, you will get access to our information on Füssen in your account. The e-book holds a list of recommended accommodation – all with suitable parking for your bike - and in the video we show you our favourite ones so you can quickly chose your accommodation. If you want to support us to keep supporting you, we do ask you to book the accommodation via the links that we provide as an affiliate of Booking.com here and in the e-book.

Recommended hotels:

German Alps ride 1

  • Sisi Zuckerbäckerei & Café
  • Oberstaufen
  • Breitachklamm
  • Deutsche Alpenstrasse
Distance: 215 km (135 miles)
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The German Alps lie in the Southernmost part of Bavaria against the Austrian border. A wonderful area with clear blue mountain lakes and high peaks. This ride 1 will be exploring which is called one of Germany's most beautiful tourist regions. The ride is mostly in Germany, but will cross into Austria for 2 short parts. And of course we will be doing the best parts of the Deutsche Alpenstrasse. With stops in Kempten where you can enjoy a Sisi or Franzl breakfast and at Central Europe's deepest gorge for an amazing stretch of the legs during this ride, this is what we define as a QUAZY RIDE.

German Alps ride 2

  • Romantische Strasse
  • Deutsche Alpenstrasse
  • Fallerklamm Brücke
  • Oberammergau
Distance: 225 km (140 miles)
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Starting this ride 2 with some of the best parts of the Deutsche Alpenstrasse ánd the Romatische strasse, you know that it's gonna be an amazing ride. Also in this ride 2 we will be going into Austria for a short part, of course avoiding the restricted areas for motorcycles. With nice stops for drinks and food in ski resorts ánd riding the most popular panorama road in Germany, being also the most photographed motif in Germany. So you will definitely be exploring the German Alps!

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