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French Alps NORTH - Annecy

The impressive mountain range the Alps stretches across the countries of Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland and even a bit over Germany and Slovenia. One-fifth of it lies in France. Did you know it has as many as 128 peaks rising above 4,000 metres / 13.123 ft. With Annecy as our central point we’re at the Northern part of the Alps. Although we have some amazing riding to do in the 3 (!) ride we have in this tour already conquering some of the very well know Alps mountain passes, we cannot cover the whole of the French Alps form Annecy. We don’t have the SOUTH tour yet…… but as we know there is a lot of nice riding to do in that area as well it is HIGH on our list. But for now, we can share the rides of this French Alps North tour.

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Recommended hotels:

French Alps NORTH ride 1

  • Col de la Colombiere
  • Morzine
  • L'Observatoire
Distance: 218 km (135 miles)
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With Annecy as our central point of this tour we’re at the Northern part of the Alps and with this ride 1 we’re going even a bit more North towards Morzine, a famous traditional ski resort just South of Lac Léman, the lake of Geneva. But before we get there for a spectacular view on that lake and an amazing ride over the Route des 3 lacs we are first conquering de Col de la Colombiere. So a lot of fun in the North part of the French Alps!

French Alps NORTH ride 2

  • Aix-les-Bains
  • Lac d'Annecy
  • Col du Marais
  • Chateau de Menthon - Saint-Bernard
Distance: 195 km (121 miles)
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With this ride 2 of the French Alps North tour we will be circling around Lac d’Annecy almost in its entirety. But first we’re heading West to go to another lake: Lac du Bourget. We have a coffeestop in Aix-les-Bains at the shore of Lac du Bourget, lunchstop at the South tip of Lac d'Annecy and a nice col and view on Chateau de Menthon to top this ride off. Another very enjoyable ride in the North part of the French Alps.

French Alps NORTH ride 3

  • Col des Aravis
  • Col du Pré
  • Lac Roselend
  • Albertville
Distance: 190 km (120 miles)
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WOW, we did save the best for last in this French Alps North tour! In ride 1 we went North towards Lac Leman, in ride 2 we went West to Lac du Bourget and in this ride 3 we are going South-East to a smaller, but especially with its iconic Chapelle very pretty - lake: Lac Roselend. But what about the Col de Aravis, Col du Pré (making it one of the most difficult rides we have in our tours) and Col de la Forclaz. This ride truly dives in deep to the French Alps with some serious mountain riding. We love it!

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