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Dutch Mountains - Valkenburg

Officially the province of Limburg of the Netherlands does not have any mountains, but it sure has hills. Therefor it is called Het Heuvelland: the hilly country! So a good area for some nice motorcycle riding on plenty of winding roads. Valkenburg is a very popular destination for tourists and therefor has all the facilities you would want to make this a perfect place to stay during the Dutch Mountains tour.

Dutch Mountains ride 1

  • Maastricht
  • Val Dieu
Distance: 130 km (80 miles)
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With ride 1 of the Dutch Mountains we will take you for 130 km / 80 miles of mainly winding roads through the hills of the province of Limburg. And the first stop is in the capital of the province, with a nice walk so you can taste the atmosphere of this lovely medieval city. And then, we are going to take you across the border into Belgium to a place that used to be called the valley of the devil, but since the 1200 now is described as the valley of god. You can do some proper sightseeing or just have a small walk around or drink or bite to eat at the restaurant just opposite of the road. And our ride 1 ends at one of our recommended accommodations just outside of Valkenburg for a nice refreshing drink on its beautiful terrace.

Dutch Mountains ride 2

  • Vaalserberg
  • Terlinden
Distance: 140 km (85 miles)
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Luckily there are still enough nice backroads left for a second ride in the Dutch Mountains tour. Ride 2 is 140 km / 85 miles long and with this ride you will get to the highest point of the Netherlands and to the border of Belgium ánd Germany. With a kiosk for coffee or tea a perfect first Quazy Rides stop. After some more hills and curves you most probably will have an appetite, so we are bringing you to one of our favourite lunch stops in this area. And if you like strawberries, you are in for a treat! Going back to Valkenburg we have found some last hills that we wanted to take you on and we are ending this lovely ride 2 with a matching view at another of our recommended accommodations.

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