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Costa Verde - Cudillero

The Costa Verde is literally the green coast of Spain. And the green is beautiful, but is a result from enough rain. So you need to be a bit lucky with the weather. But also with some rain, we enjoyed exploring this area on our motorbikes. Only winding roads with amazing views on the spectacular cliffs of the coastline, but also some serious mountainous areas to cross with also some beautiful views. And we found some pretty nice stops for drinks and food, besides the central point of this tour: the lovely fishing village if Cudillero where you can definitely have a nice stay!

When you add 1 or more rides of this Costa Verde tour to your account, you will get access to our information on Cudillero in your account. The e-book holds a list of recommended accommodation – all with suitable parking for your bike - and in the video we show you 3 hotels and 1 campsite (so you can quickly chose your accommodation) and 4 things to do in Cudillero. If you want to support us to keep supporting you, we do ask you to book the accommodation via the links that we provide as an affiliate of Booking.com here, in the e-book and on our YouTube chanel.

Recommended hotels:

Costa Verde ride 1

  • Cabo Vidio
  • Luarca
  • Embalse de Pilotuerto
Distance: 215 km (135 miles)
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Ride 1 of the Costa Verde tour will be following the coastline of the Costa Verde towards the West as this offers very winding roads and some nice views on the ocean and the spectacular cliffs of the Costa Verde. And after coffee we will dive down South to discover that the back country of Asturda also has some very nice motorcycle riding to do!

Costa Verde ride 2

  • Puerto de San Lorenzo
  • Desfiladero del Teverga
  • Proaza
Distance: 215 km (135 miles)
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Ride 2 of the Costa Verde will shoot straight down into Asturia to the Parque Natural de Somiedo. As in ride 1 again enough very scenic and winding roads, but this time just not following the coast line. With a true mountain pass and a gorge a very nice way to discover this part of Asturia, especially in combination with some nice stops for drinks and food.

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