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Chocolate & Beer - Bruges

The Flanders area of Belgium is mainly flat, but that doesn’t mean you can not do a nice motorcycle tour in this area. We ourselves were pleasantly surprised by the nice riding we have done with this rides. And this being the Chocolate and Beer tour we have added some stops “in theme”. We are sure you are going to love Bruges and its surroundings!

When you add 1 or more rides of this Chocolate and Beer tour to your account, you will get access to our information on Bruges in your account. The e-book holds a list of recommended accommodation – all with suitable parking for your bike - and in the video we show you our favourite ones so you can quickly chose your accommodation. If you want to support us to keep supporting you, we do ask you to book the accommodation via the links that we provide as an affiliate of Booking.com here and in the e-book.

Recommended hotels:

Chocolate & Beer ride 1

  • Hulst
  • Breskens
  • Damme
Distance: 200 km (125 miles)
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For ride 1 of the Chocolate & Beer tour we have found 200 km / 125 miles of really nice biker roads for you to enjoy. This ride will take you to the Flanders area in the Netherlands as well, but don’t worry: also in this part of the Netherlands you will experience the Southern burgundy lifestyle. Of course the ride has some nice stops to enjoy a drink or bite to eat, with one of them truly in theme of the tour. And if you like fish, you’re in for a treat!

Chocolate & Beer ride 2

  • Ertvelde
  • Bellegem
Distance: 200 km (125 miles)
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Another 200 km / 125 miles of surprisingly nice riding in ride 2 of the Chocolate & Beer tour. The stops that we added to this ride are even more in theme of the tour than ride 1. And we are ending ride 2 at a true and very cool biker stop, where you will definitely have a nice ending of your ride, enjoying a beer and maybe a burger!

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