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Battle of the Somme - Arras

Arras is the capital of the Pas-de-Calais department in the North of France and located just north of the Somme Valley. During World War I, the great war, Arras was literally hit in the heart and almost completely destroyed. The battlefields of the Western front and the Battle of the Somme in particular lie along the river Somme and its tributaries between Arras and Amiens in the direction South / South-west of Arras. Arras and the Somme Valley can be described as a beautiful, atmospheric and cosy, but with a very moving history. In this tour you will get to enjoy some nice riding in the area of the Somme Valley, get to know more about the Battle of the Somme ánd pay respect to all the people who left their lives in this battle and the great war.

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Recommended hotels:

Battle of the Somme ride 1

  • Memorial Terre Neuvien
  • Villes-Bretonneuc Memorial
  • Amiens
  • Monument commémoratif du Canada à Vimy
Distance: 220 km (135 miles)
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This ride 1 is filled with WWI memorials with regards to the actual battle of the Somme that took place here. But in between we did find some nice roads to cruise and feel the wind in your face to process all the impressions that you get at the stops. So still a very enjoyable ride in combination of getting to know more on this dark part of history: the great war. And of course paying respect to all the fallen.

Battle of the Somme ride 2

  • Historial de la Grande Guerre
  • Lochnagar Crater
  • Albert
  • Thiepval Memorial
Distance: 180 km (110 miles)
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Ride 2 still has stops at some of the most impressive WWI memorials in this region, but this ride also shows that the Somme Valley is not only about war memorials. It offers some great motorcycle touring and pretty views as well! So a perfect combination to explore the Somme Valley in the Pas de Calais district of France.

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